Sunday, 26 October 2014

Winters Chill

Snug under quilts
of feather and down
Eyes half closed half open
A dream
 part broken
 As clocks reverse
 and time stands still
 you wake
 to frost crazed panes
and icy breath
 Toes recoil and curl
feeling the frozen ground
beneath your stockinged feet
The camp fire fizzles
 and spits  blue flame
the coffee aroma lures you
  into the barren winter morn
brave as the first pioneer
 in a strange land
Goose pimpled legs and shivering heart
 cold as iron
 your cosy den a warm memory
calling you
to retreat
 with buttered toast
 and honey sweet
to break your fast
Written for Magpie Tales #243 - Tess provides the image, we the story