Sunday, 30 November 2014

Bond of Union

Bond of Union 1956 M.C. Escher

Like atoms adrift
two people
bound together
yet kept apart
with skin like an apple
cored and dissected
unseeing eyes
 unfeeling lips
unconscious connections

Bound and wound
free form but imprisoned
experimentation gone wrong
as they fall into the void

No meeting of minds
or thoughts
no words or sounds
gazing into space
for all eternity

The emptiness echoes
round hollow caverns
hear me
see me
touch me
for I am lost
and unravelled

Written for Magpie Tales #Mag 248


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How To ... Survive Lonliness

Being able to sit alone without feeling uncomfortable
You wake
get dressed
and start the day
try to be cheerful
come what may
night dreams are behind you
don't let them hold sway

one plate
one cup
you sit and stare
a dent in the pillow
but he is not there

you sweep
and you clean
as neat as a pin
you talk to yourself
as there's no one else in

you go to the shops
a friendly hello
a neighbour
a friend
you greet as you go

the days they are lonely
the nights they are long
you hum to yourself
a companionable song

you keep yourself busy
you plant and you dig

you're on your own now

and you don't

 give a fig

Written for Poetry Jam #How To

Monday, 24 November 2014


the wind moans
as we sleep
the snow falls silently



it pillows
and billows
and blankets the ground

 settling softly
not making a sound

written for magpie tales #Mag247



the countryside ravaged by winter storm
blanketed deep
snowflakes swirling
like a dervish

battered trees stand sentinel
frozen to the marrow
bones shiver
and blood runs thin
an indigo sky
whilst the moon looks on

the cold bite of winter
when snow kisses skin
frost tipped
and hoary
roads rutted deep

warm in our bed
we sleep
curtains drawn on frosted panes
dogs twitch
and dream
as embers slip
and settle
crackling flames leap

icicles form
on gutter and pipe
the silent earth
holds its breath
life giving

written for Magpie Tales  #Mag247

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Love this distorted collage effect, could do this using animal and human faces
 Each day
I struggle
with who I am
blending into the crowd
a nobody

but in my head
I am different
from anyone else


there is only one of me
rare and precious

with talents unseen
hidden behind a mask
I lose myself
to indifference

ask me who I am
and I say
just an average Joe

I'm no one really

just me

Written for poetry jam #identity

Sunday, 16 November 2014


driving at speed
foot down to the metal
alone on the road

but for

ghostly cows
 in unseen fields
lit only by stars
and a gibbous moon

neon flashes
blue light exposure
tail gate following

into the darkness
an encompassing womb
swallowing you whole

radio playing
late night lullaby
a soft voiced DJ
your only friend

 road never ending
destination unknown
motorway markers
 affording no clue

follow the lines
as cats eyes blink
stay awake

it's later than you think

Written for Magpie Tales #Mag246

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Never stop Dreaming -- Lucid DreamingAstral projection -- Please click here to learn about techniques for #AstralProjection and #LucidDreaming
your breath quickens
and slows
the darkness enfolds and caresses
as you slip
into your dreamscape

into an imaginary world
 a thousand realities
of multi-coloured hue

mind aswirl
image clear yet strangely undefined
encapsuled into stories
of your imagining

memories of people and places
like paint on canvas
daubs of reality and fantasy

past and present
a melting pot of desires
and night terrors
out of your control

slowly you rise to the surface
emerge from sweet slumber
try to remember

but like wisps of cloud
the dreams disperse
lose shape
and form

out of your grasp
fading into sepia

Written for Poetry Jam #dreams

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Star Spangled Banner

star spangled in her nakedness
 Miss America is she

state of the union


a flag-wrapped beauty
 publicity shot

 carefree all American
with flowing hair

brown limbed
long legged

arranged so artfully


positioned carefully
amongst the folds

hoist the flag
start the parade
and set her free

from her photo opportunity

Written for Magpie Tales #American - Tess provides the image, we the story


Wednesday, 5 November 2014



Ancient cliffs
Giant leviathon
Lashed by the sea

Millenia pass
Tides ebb and flow

Rocks rumbled and tumbled
Smoothed and shaped
Each one different
Never two the same

Drawn back and forth
Their journey limitless

Infinite pebbles
Pulled and pushed
Drowned and reborn
With each passing tide
Until sand is formed

Each grain a shadow
of its former self

Written for Poetry Jam

Sunday, 2 November 2014

War Games

Sticks and stones
will break my bones 
childhood games
toy soldiers
in miniature forests

Where anything is possible

a tulip for a gun
a leaf bayonet 

Cowards become heroes
and heroes win the day 
But when
reality bites
a game no longer
the garden becomes a battlefield
the toy soldier becomes a man

Fighting for his life

in a war

where there are no winners

Written for Magpie Tales #Mag 244 - Tess provides the image, we the story