Saturday, 21 February 2015

Poem for the Day: Words by Sylvia Plath

sylvia plath

After whose stroke the wood rings,
And the echoes!
Echoes traveling
Off from the center like horses.

The sap
Wells like tears, like the
Water striving
To re-establish its mirror
Over the rock

That drops and turns,
A white skull,
Eaten by weedy greens.
Years later I
Encounter them on the road -

Words dry and riderless,
The indefatigable hoof-taps.
From the bottom of the pool, fixed stars
Govern a life.

Exactly three years earlier.  Sylvia Plath had written to her mother and brother with news of her first book of poems, The Colours, being accepted by Heinemann.  "Amaze of amaze", she wrote.