Wednesday, 3 June 2015

poem for the day: Vanished Summers by Margaret Sackville

Vanished Summers, passed and gone,
Here find resurrection. -
Each crowned corn-head closely filled,
Packed and pressed with suns distilled
Into lively sap which throws
Rays of sunlight as it grows. -
These enchanted, waving tall
Golden ears contain them all:
All the long delightful days,
When June met us face to face;
Light and laughing grace re-born
In great fields of upright corn. -
Earth's tremendous charity
Full-accomplished here we see
Who gives us for familiar food
The lovely lilt of July's mood. -
One minute, brown husk contains
Summer's shadow, Autumn rains,
Spring's delicious wayward green,
Even Winter's pallid, lean
Blood of mingled frost and snows
Virtue on our sheaves bestows.
So to give us daily bread
The very sky's transfigured.