Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How To ... Survive Lonliness

Being able to sit alone without feeling uncomfortable
You wake
get dressed
and start the day
try to be cheerful
come what may
night dreams are behind you
don't let them hold sway

one plate
one cup
you sit and stare
a dent in the pillow
but he is not there

you sweep
and you clean
as neat as a pin
you talk to yourself
as there's no one else in

you go to the shops
a friendly hello
a neighbour
a friend
you greet as you go

the days they are lonely
the nights they are long
you hum to yourself
a companionable song

you keep yourself busy
you plant and you dig

you're on your own now

and you don't

 give a fig

Written for Poetry Jam #How To