Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Never stop Dreaming -- Lucid DreamingAstral projection -- Please click here to learn about techniques for #AstralProjection and #LucidDreaming
your breath quickens
and slows
the darkness enfolds and caresses
as you slip
into your dreamscape

into an imaginary world
 a thousand realities
of multi-coloured hue

mind aswirl
image clear yet strangely undefined
encapsuled into stories
of your imagining

memories of people and places
like paint on canvas
daubs of reality and fantasy

past and present
a melting pot of desires
and night terrors
out of your control

slowly you rise to the surface
emerge from sweet slumber
try to remember

but like wisps of cloud
the dreams disperse
lose shape
and form

out of your grasp
fading into sepia

Written for Poetry Jam #dreams